Creation of new single storey rear annex for a disabled client

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Project Brief:

We were asked by the client to consider the possibility of converting the existing garage into living accommodation for an elderly disabled relative who is wheelchair dependent. We had completed a similar project a few houses away and had been recommended for the project.


Our Role:

AFA provided the client with existing and proposed design drawings, which we submitted for planning and building regulation approval. We then produced a detailed Specification and Schedule of Works and invited tenders. Following a tender analysis we appointed a contractor and drew up the contract documentation.

Once work began on site we provided a contract administration service, including regular site visits and the provision of periodic valuations with Certificates of Payment. Following completion of the job, we produced a final account detailing where costs had been spent, including any extras and omissions.


The Project:

When exploring the possibility of converting the garage, it soon became clear that it was not structurally sound and that the most economical design solution would be to remove the garage and build a single-storey annexe, which could be connected to the main house via a lobby area.

The new extension includes a bedroom/living area with an ensuite wetroom and a small lobby that links the newbuild to the main house. The doors are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair and the room has its own entrance with level access.

Natural light was provided by installing two sets of double french doors, as well as Velux rooflights in the vaulted ceiling.

A raised patio linking the main house and the extension was constructed, which allows the extended family to spend time together.

The Outcome:

By demolishing the existing garage, we were able to increase the footprint of the living space and design a bespoke building around the client’s needs. The client is able to live independently but with the added confidence of the accommodation being closely connected to the main house, which means that care and companionship are close by.



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