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Expert Witness Reports

What is an Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness is someone with knowledge or experience of a particular field or discipline beyond that to be expected of a layman. The Expert Witness’s duty is to give to the Court or tribunal an impartial opinion on particular aspects of matters within his expertise, which are in dispute. In England & Wales the Court must give permission for an Expert Witness to give evidence.

An Expert Witness is required when it is necessary to have opinion evidence to assist in the resolution of a dispute. This opinion may lead to an early resolution of the dispute. An Expert Witness may be involved in court proceedings and may be called to give evidence.

What an Expert Witness can offer

An independent and impartial expert opinion in their area of expertise on the subject matter in accordance with the instructions they are given. These instructions will be shown in the Expert Witness’s Report, which will be seen by the other side and the Court.

AFA Expert Witness

Alex French is an Expert Witness for the accommodation needs of disabled people with catastrophic injuries, seeking compensation and damages. He acts as Single Joint Expert for both Claimants and Defendants and prepares accommodation reports for clients across the UK.

He also acts as an Expert Witness in cases involving negligent building construction and design and is regularly asked to provide advice and expert reports in this capacity for Local Authorities.

Our Expert Witness Report will contain standard sections covering a summary of instructions received, qualifications and experience, reference material used plus details of any visits and interviews. These sections will establish the context of the report, Alex’s credentials and the history of his work on the case.

In the case of construction disputes, a schedule of defects will be produced that will outline the defects considered, how they were discovered and why they are stated to be defects. The schedule will be based upon substantiated facts and each defect will be related to standards acceptable at the time of design or construction.

Our aim, where possible, is to help shorten the legal proceedings. The subjects of dispute can be made up of many small details and to use Court time to establish these details is time consuming and expensive. If the matter does proceed to court then our role is not to arrive at a judgement but simply to guide the court in technical matters based on our experience and research and from the information made available.

If you require the services of an Expert Witness, please call AFA and we will be happy to provide you with professional and confidential advice.


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